Northern Idaho – (509) 353-2793 or (866) 487-9243 All other areas in Idaho – (208) 321-2987 or (503) 326-3057. Find more information at the U.S. Department of Labor website. Seminars: To schedule an on-site seminar about Indiana's youth employment laws, call (317) 232-2655. Both times we set my induction at about 41 weeks. Recent Labor News view all. Our mission is to advance the safety, health and prosperity of Hoosiers in the workplace. 'American Idol' concert tour fined for child labor law violations. Julie Su State Labor Commissioner Division of Labor Standards Enforcement and the Office of the Labor Commissioner 455 Golden Gate Ave 9th Floor Contact an Idaho Labor Law Rep. Have a question about Idaho's labor laws or a wage claim? About the IDOL. IDOL is responsible for enforcing Idaho’s claim for wages, Minimum Wage, and State Farm Labor Contractor laws. Idaho Job Corps. Youth of any age are generally permitted to work for businesses entirely owned by their parents, except those under 16 may not be The first VBAC I went into labor three days before my scheduled induction. Each division has a specific role in executing a portion of our agency's mission. Teleconferences are open to single callers or larger groups sitting around a speakerphone. California. 501-682-4500 Fax: 501-682-4535. . The Bureau of Child Labor is pleased to offer free training seminars covering Indiana's Child Labor laws. Farmworker & Labor Contractor Resources. IDOL administers and enforces Idaho’s employment security laws, processes unemployment insurance benefits, collects unemployment insurance payments and detects unemployment insurance fraud and worker misclassification. Our dedicated staff work within one of the divisions listed below. To contact a regional U.S. Labor office call. Child Labor Laws - Overview • IDOL may conduct inspections at any business in the state •Inspect records related to workers under 18 •Examine work areas •Interview employees • Inspections may be initiated •By Complaint •Randomly •Targeted based on employment data Inspection Authority Idaho Unemployment Rate Falls to 4.8 Percent in November. Kansas Unemployment Contact Center: Topeka Area (785) 575-1460: Kansas City Area (913) 596-3500: Wichita Area (316) 383-9947: Outside local areas (800) 292-6333 New York state labor officials said organizers of "American Idols Live Tour '07" violated child labor laws by letting underage teens perform without permits. We were praying so much both times that I would go into labor before the scheduled induction and God was so gracious to answer the way He did. The minor must then return the notice, in person, to the Issuing Officer at the accredited high school. Indiana Department of Labor 402 W. Washington St., Room W195 Indianapolis, IN 46204. Idaho’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate fell to 4.8 percent and nonfarm payrolls regained 6,200 jobs in November as the state’s economy continued to recover. Teleconferenced Trainings. Employment Transition Services. Email Address: (Preferred Contact) Phone Numbers: Phone: (317) 232-2655 Fax: (317) 233-3790. The second VBAC I went into labor almost two weeks before my scheduled induction. Director, Division of Labor Arkansas Department of Labor & Licensing 10421 W Markham St Little Rock, AR 72205. Welcome to the Indiana Department of Labor's website! To streamline the process, the Indiana Department of Labor has developed the "Intent to Employ/A1" form which includes all of the information an employer will need to provide. Two seminars per month will be offered via teleconference. The FLSA and the child labor regulations, issued at 29 CFR Part 570, establish both hours and occupational standards for youth. Child Labor Laws - Overview • IDOL may conduct inspections at any business in the state • Inspect records related to workers under 18 • Examine work areas • Interview employees • Inspections may be initiated • By Complaint • Randomly • Targeted based on employment data