KetoCan gets its name because the box is designed for Canadian residents (although it does ship worldwide). You must choose one of the following shipping methods: Meals are frozen immediately after cooking and sealed in vacuum packaging, which ensures a complete freshness of the food you receive. is a Canadian keto lifestyle subscription box filled with items to support your keto/low-carb eating habits, fitness goals, and mental health! I contacted customer support who said they will change their keto package for the future shipments. 1 Helpful Vote. Household Tips » Keto Subscription Boxes for Canadians. When you order this box, you will have 12 choices of homemade dishes from our Keto selection and 4 boxes of keto bread. I’ve found so many delicious new products because of my subscription box that I now purchase on a regular basis. So so happy we finally have a Keto box available in Canada. KETO Diet Snacks Starter Box Here is another low carb and keto-friendly gift basket for you to give to that special keto dieter in your life. 3. $200 to get free shipping. Regular … Chocolate Sea Salt Bar Heka Good Foods; Sea Salt Walnuts Nutty Gourmet; Peppermint Ice Chips Candy; Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Keto Nut & Seed Bar Munk Pack; Dill Pickle Pork … Here is the list of the cities we ship to. BroteinBoxPrice: Starts at $37.50/month. Shipping Fee: $0. I didn’t have a scale back then so I’m not sure how many pounds I’ve lost, but I know my clothes are a lot looser. Receive Keto snacks and food products every month. Sampler Keto Box (12 Count) Regular price $44.99 $36.99 Sale. The Keto Box ($40/month USD + $15.99 shipping to Canada). Subscribe to The Keto Box. Depending on what you’re looking for, the cost of your subscription food box will range from … We craft our cookies to put a big smile on your face with almond flour, butter, and … That is horrendous!!! get the latest updates and new posts delivered via email: Success! I’m also in Ontario and struggle to find some products mentioned in recipes from the US & UK so I appreciate having something Canadian, Your email address will not be published. Deliveries are dispatched within 1 to 2 working days. The Ketogenic diet … We are a subscription service that sends out 10+ low carb snacks to your doorstep monthly. Here is our ready-to-eat box according to the ketogenic diet! Items in this month's Krate. Chocolate Chip. Required fields are marked *, Hi, I’m Stacie. 2. The credit does not cover the cost of the food I did not receive, ever mind the shipping I will now have to replace the food they sent in error. We deliver only once a week. I started following the keto diet back in May. Winners will receive a free subscription box… 1. 2 x KETO Lemon chicken thighs 2 x KETO "Cheeseburger" Beef Gratin 2 x KETO Quiche Lorraine 2 x KETO Chicken and Pancetta Pizza 2 x KETO New-York Cheesecake * 4 x KETO Bread boxes * It is not necessary to heat the product: defrost and enjoy cold. Subscribed for 1 month. What's Included: Every BroteinBox arrives filled to the brim … * It is not necessary to heat the product: defrost and enjoy cold. Deluxe Low Carb Keto Box (20 count) Regular price $74.99 $68.99 Sale. Boxes … Receive 7 to 10 Keto products every month. The Keto Box ($40/month USD + $15.99 shipping to Canada). Shipping Destinations: Only within the United States. Minimum orders are $99. Turns out, there are some pretty fantastic keto products available to Canadians! View all New Arrivals. I’ve been getting this subscription box for the last several months and have discovered so many yummy new products. Let me know in the comments! Your email address will not be published. … Verified Purchase. I subscribed to their keto package. 0 sugar. For more information on the ketogenic diet… Read More…. After 2 orders I switched to 2 keto cleanse packages and 2 packages of keto bagels. It’s hard for me to find many Keto products locally. Cancel any time. Overview. HOW … If you live in Canada, this is a great keto box to consider. They have a ton of selection and fast delivery. I tried them first. Ultimate Vegan Holiday Gift Bundle. I’m never die-hard into “one way of eating” but love sampling the different styles. I spent over $200 on the last order. If you are looking for a meal plan designed to burn fat while building more energy to fuel … translation missing: fr.cart.general.close. Keto Delivered boxes are like little presents from all over the country, hand-picked and guaranteed to meet my keto needs. For more information on the ketogenic diet, we invite you to visit, -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------, Teneur % valeur quotidienne*, Amount % Daily Value*, * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Our subscription box contain 5+ unique items including: … Cancel anytime. Baking ingredientssuch as cookie and brownie mixes, keto sweeteners & more Condiments and saucessuch a… I experienced similar results. You might also like this Keto Chicken Guide. Stacie is the mom of two girls and lives in Ontario, Canada. A classic chocolate chip cookie, baked to impress. Please be careful about recommending Live Fit. Use the code SIMPLYSTACIE for 15% off. Our box contains keto items and snacks such as (but not limited to): On the go snackssuch as bars, cookies, sweets, nuts, meat items & more. Live Fit Foods delivers individual sized Keto meals right to your door. Breann H. 1 Review. Keto Snack Box - Gluten Free & Low Carb Snacks [20 Count] Keto Bars, Beef Sticks, Hummus, Crisps, Nuts & Seeds - Keto Gift Baskets, College Care Package by Snack Attack, 20 … I'm passionate about food, photography, DIY + coffee! 8-12 Keto snacks delivered to your door every month. Your subscription will renew the following month on the 15th at 12:00AM UTC. Keto Krate is one of the most well-known keto subscription boxes that exist. If you want your shipped package to be left at your door or on your porch, you are responsible for any loss, theft, or damage. *You can consult the nutritional values and ingredients below. 2 net carbs. I have a keto recipe that you might enjoy: Keto Cauliflower Ziti. Live in Canada and are following the keto diet? Great options Jan 26, 2019. They offered a small credit for my next order. Helpful (1) Flag. $39.95/month. But no! Please try again. She enjoys cooking/baking, photography, reading, DIY and is fueled by lots of coffee! / Les pourcentages sont basés sur une diète calorique de 2 000 calories. 2. I love supporting Canadian business but this is dreadful. How much is it: $34.95 a month. If I want compensation I’m supposed to order $99 worth of products, and pay for shipping – just to get the meals I already ordered and paid for. Please select at-least 3 meals to complete Keto Meal Box. I subscribed to their keto package, and noticed when I received my first package that 4 out of the 12 meals were low fat, high carb, the second third was high protein low carb, and only the last third had an appropriate fat/protein/carb ratio for a keto diet. Get your Keto box shipped directly to your door. 8g of fat. Each month you'll get 10+ awesome essentials crucial for your weight loss journey. The Keto Box is the perfect subscription box for anyone who is trying to live by the ketogenic diet, a nutrition plan that can yield huge reductions in blood sugar and insulin levels — leading to some serious health benefits.As anyone who’s followed a low-carbohydrate diet knows though, finding good snacks can be almost impossible! DO NOT take the dry ice directly in your hands since there is a high risk of frostbite. Upload photos of your box and use hashtag #MYKETOSNACKBOX to be entered in our monthly raffle. I tried them and they were delicious! The sun … What’s inside: Get 6-8 keto friendly snacks every month. We curate hard to find and new snacks for our customers to enjoy! … Thank you for this! Receive 8 to 11 Keto snacks per month. You’ve come to the right place. … This box has snacks that are low carb, moderate in protein, and higher in fat. I’ve got a list of keto subscription boxes for Canadians plus other keto resources. The Healthiest non fad diet! Just bought a recipe book on Vegan treats, so I’ll have to try keto next. Currently, they only service Ontario, but Canada wide delivery is coming soon. It’s also Canadian! What is The Keto Box? They are items that I wouldn’t have found on my own. For more information, please refer to our Shipping Policy page. Stick to your keto diet with a monthly shipment of keto snacks, inspiration and fun. Sure, a low-carb dinner is a must on the keto diet.But a girl’s gotta snack. You won’t even miss the pasta. Shipping fees are free for any purchase of 16 products or multiples thereof. This box is from Canada, so the products you will receive are either Canadian … There was an error submitting your subscription. I started getting it a couple weeks ago and am loving all the delicious and easy recipes. I recommend KETOLIBRIYUM. Overall. It’s like being in an … I received 6 seafood dinners, 8 soups that were not keto, and no bagels!!! The food was good, the service so-so, their handling of errors awful.