1853 Pattern Enfield musket made in Nepal I once heard most Enfields used in civil war were type 3 and wonder if these 1853 coming out of the Nepal find which I think are type 2 can be shot in the NSSA the only major difference I can see is barrel bands 05-13-2008 #2. $95.00. The lock is not working properly and is currently stuck on half cock. I historically have collected Soviet and German WWII arms, but recently have taken an interest in black powder firearms and have a few reproductions (1860 Henry, 1858 Remington and 1874 Sharps) in my regular shooting collection and am thinking of picking up an antique Civil War musket such as an 1853 Enfield or 1861 Springfield, more … Included is an original bayonet and muzzle plug. Antique British M1853 - See Price ... 1853 Enfield Rifle Or 1864 Snider Musket Hammer Nice Looks Original Lock Partsandnbsp. I recently acquired this rifle from Toothpick in the For Sale section. Price. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. I put this trigger in an ultrasonic cleaner for 30 minutes to remove the dirt and I have not done ANY other clean up work other than this. The British Army adopted it in 1866 as a conversion system for its ubiquitous Pattern 1853 Enfield muzzle-loading rifles, and used it until 1871 when the Martiniâ Henry rifle superseded it. #3 is in very good condition. This musket features markings on the rear sight, barrel, rear lug, trigger guard, and buttplate. The rifle is clean and decent overall it just has a number of minor flaws. Basically, it involved cutting 2½ inches off the breech of a standard .577 Pattern 1853 Enfield rifle-musket. for sale online. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. The price was $250. The Model 1853 Enfield was the most commonly used rifle in the Civil War, and both Union and Confederate governments imported tens of thousands of these rifles. The 1853 Rifle Musket was used extensively by the end of the Crimean War, as well as being imported to the US during the American Civil War. The Pattern 1853 Enfield was not Britain’s first rifle to use the expanding Minié-style projectile, but it was a “smallbore” improvement and upgrade of the earlier .702-cal. Civil War Era British P-1853 Enfield And P-1864 Snider Rifle Brass Butt Plate Good. The Italian firms of Euroarms and Armi Chiappa (Armi Sport) manufacture a modern reproduction of the Enfield 1853 rifle-musket, which is readily available on the civilian market. Write Your Own Review. rifled musket (long rifle), antique, often called the GURKHA rifle. Information about the cyphers has been lifted from British Enfield Rifles, Volume 1, SMLE (No. ~ A Nepalese Service 1853 Pattern Two Band Musket ~ This is an example of a two band sergeants’ musket serving with the colonial troops in Nepal. Value. This auction is for a British/Nepalese Pattern 1853 MK II Enfield 1864 Snider Conversion in .577 cal. UNMARKED PATTERN 1853 ENFIELD . The British Indian Army used the Sniderâ Enfield until the end of the nineteenth century. The Nepalese were thrifty in the extreme. Snider-Enfield Rifles. PABP-1853 3-Band Enfield: Videos . The lock plate remains unmarked. Weapons Restoration Guns Antique Projects Accessories Weapons Guns Weapons Guns Log Projects 1853 Enfield 3 Band Enfield Musket Trigger Group Brass Nepalese Origin Original. Breech area shows some brighter spots. British/Nepalese EnfieldP-1864 Snider Breech Loading Rifle, .577 cal., Antique. Condition is Used. 21.75: 552: 26.25: 667: n/a: Pommel: "361" in Devanagari script: Snider-Enfield … This auction is for a lot of 3 original British Pattern 1853 Enfield socket bayonets. Rifled Musket in very good condition. After the smoke cleared in 1866, Snider's design emerged preeminent. Submit Review. Not so as shown by the pic. Sold Out The Three Band Enfield was imported extensively for use in the U. S. Civil War. Complete with a Belgian Albini leather scabbard. Qty: OVERVIEW. Enfield Pattern 1853 Nepalese Had to replace the buttplate since the y=tang cracked and it was so deformed that it was way to large. I went ahead and ordered one of the "untouched" P1853 Enfield rifled muskets from IMA yesterday. The Long Rifle has a 36 inches barrel and three barrel bands. In 1866 the Snider-Enfield was produced as a conversion of Enfield Pattern 1853 with a hinged breechblock and barrel designed for a .577 cartridge. American inventor Jacob Snider designed the conversion for rifle-muskets to be turned into breech-loading firearms. Unique Enfield 1853 Nepalese clone chambered in .577 black powder. IMA 1853 Nepali Enfield; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Please see the pictures for condition. New skirmisher here and wife has put the brakes on the gun spending. This Nepalese copy of the English Enfield has an action that is crisp and works well. The Nepalese-made Sniders (top) are excellent copies of the original (bottom), though quality is not up to British standards. Being from Canada, we don’t see as many of these beautiful guns as you all do. Later Sniders were newly manufactured on the same design. These particular Enfield Rifles are offered in half rifles or parts guns. Nepalese 1853 Enfield project. 1853 P53 Enfield - See Price #2 is in good condition and made be a Nepalese or Indian made example. Saved by Atlanta Cutlery Corp. Share Followers 0. Review of: Reproduction Main Spring for P-1853 Enfield& P-1864 Snider good product ,roughly finished but will clean up nicely .i would recommend it , and i will most likely buy more . Item Code: 1000-353. Quality. 1853 Enfield 3 Band Enfield Musket Trigger Group Brass Nepalese Origin Original. - UCE-0002 Civil War Era British (Nepalese made) P1853 Enfield rifle: This is a Civil War Era British (Nepalese made) P1853 Enfield rifle that has seen better days. 1853 3 Band Enfield Rifle Musket Barrel Original Nepalese Marking With Sight. While most were made in England, many were produced in Germany, Belgium, and Spain. ... British-p-1853-enfield-p-1864-snider-rifle-sling-brown. For the collector or enthusiast, this is great piece of history to own! I was hoping that the piece would be just really dirty with some rust and could be cleaned up. 1853 Enfield 3 Band Enfield Musket Trigger Group Brass Nepalese Origin Original. ... which was a good market for that kind of thing as they were using British Enfield muskets and making their own at the time. The barrel is the standard .577 caliber. I'd prefer an original Enfield, but would certainly be open to repro Enfields or Springfields. Civil War . By spionKopKid, April 2, 2008 in Firearms & Ordnance. Read more about the "Nepal Cache" and my experience breathing new life into a Pattern 1853 Enfield rifle-musket. The wood is … 1853 Nepalese Enfield Rifle 1853 Nepalese Enfield Rifle. You are bidding on a Nepalese Pattern 1853 MK II Enfield 1864 Snider Conversion .577 cal. The British .577 Snider–Enfield was a breech-loading rifle.The American Jacob Snider invented this firearm action, and the Snider–Enfield was one of the most widely used of the Snider varieties.The British Army adopted it in 1866 as a conversion system for its ubiquitous Pattern 1853 Enfield muzzle-loading rifles, and used it until 1874 when the Martini–Henry rifle began to supersede it. I am new to the Forums, and I was hoping to get some help with the 1853 Enfield I just bought. 1853 Enfield . The 1853 Enfield was issued to Indian troops starting in 1856. Condition is Used. Reproduction P-1853 Enfield, P-1864 Snider Trigger Guard. Original Enfield muskets are obtainable and in most cases, cheaper than reproductions due to IMA-USA's importation of these weapons as part of the "Nepalese Cache." “Rifle Musket” sounds a bit redundant to us, but it was intended to indicate the rifle was the same length as the musket it replaced. The action was invented by an American, Jacob Snider, and adopted by Britain as a conversion system for the 1853 Enfield. #1 is in good condition with some pitting and complete with leather scabbard. 1853 Enfield Musket - See Price 1853 Enfield Musket Ramrod 38 58 Cal Civil War Period Battlefield Recovery. $79.50. A Nepalese Pattern 1853 English Enfield Musket that is remarkably good quality. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. $99.95 . RARE Period Copy of SHARPS 1853 SLANT BREECH Rifle Confederate Georgia State Armory-Nepal Connection? Joined Dec 31, 2019 Messages 186 Reaction score 92. Nov 19, 2020 #1 Good morning. 1 star 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars 5 stars. The only marking on the piece is just under the long rear sight leaf and is Nepalese. I will bring the Snider to the Nationals, but won't be arriving until Friday. Hi everyone, I'm new here and this is my first post. Firearm Discussion and Resources from AR-15, AK-47, Handguns and more! $21.84. Box 1027, Tustin, CA 92781 USA). Buyer pays shipping which includes packaging, carrier fees and insurance. Reviews 6. 1 star 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars 5 stars. Hi everyone. Buy, Sell, and Trade your Firearms and Gear. The barrel bears a War department inspector’s mark and an Enfield inspectors mark. Barrel surface has turned a plumb brown over the majority of its surface and is in nice overall condition. I purchased a Nepalese 1853 Enfield Atlanta Cutlery when they were first advertised several years ago. Zoom In Zoom Out Reset. $1,250.00 SOLD. Payment can be Money Order, Cashier’s Check or Personal Check, which must clear before shipping (allow 10 days). These Gurkha made examples were found in Military Storage in their homeland of Nepal. Quantity Available: None. Reviewed by: mark , December 19, 2016 P-1853 Three Band Enfield Parts Rifle # 600833. All of the metal parts have plumbed out with scattered patches of light pitting. British GURKHA Rifles Enfield Snider Trapdoor Description: British GURKHA Rifles Enfield Snider Trapdoor Nepalese Rifle w Kukri Knife Set Here we present an antique Nepalese Enfield Snider Trapdoor Rifle, made circa the 1870s. Out of stock. 1) Rifles Mk I and Mk III, by Charles R. Stratton (ISBN 1-882391-16-0, published by North Cape Publications, P.O. Thread starter Centurion; Start date Nov 19, 2020; Help Support Muzzle Loading Forum: C. Centurion 40 Cal. From the 1830’s onward, it was as if the Armory threw nothing away. I chose a "Battle Field Pick Up" described as untouched and complete with caked on debris from battle and storage. You're reviewing: 1853 3-Band Enfield Your Rating. Lee-Enfield (SMLE) Miscellaneous Gun Parts; Napoleonic; Nepalese Cache Extras; P-1853 Enfield; Percusion Muskets; Restoration Materials; Revolutionary … 1 star 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars 5 stars. It had modern brass screws in place of the tang and buttplate screws, so I ordered some originals from Lodgewood, but have no idea which is which. Marked with asterisk on blade flat. I would like to trade a .577 Snider Enfield for or toward an N-SSA approved musket.